Improving Production Through Software

CAD/CAM Software



At MSI, we utilize a unique CAD/CAM software known as PartMaker. CAD/CAM stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, respectively. This software is used to design a product and then program, or plan, the manufacturing of that product, especially on a CNC machine.

The primary purpose of using a CAD/CAM software is to create a faster production process, with tooling and components having more precise dimensions and consistency. CAD/CAM is also used to reduce material waste, reduce energy consumption and reduce production times. This is accomplished through PartMaker’s ability to digitally generate the most economical paths for the machine’s tools to travel while producing the part.

The great news for our customers is that PartMaker can read any type of file extension you may have. This includes IGES, CADL, DXF, ASCII, STL and many more. PartMaker contains a feature recognition software that allows it to scan, identify and create machinable features from that design or file. This helps us improve the cycle time efficiency and maximize the usage of the machine.
When you send us a print or drawing for CAD/CAM, you know that we are using PartMaker to produce complex, high-precision parts, especially on our CNC and Swiss machines.