The Advantages of Using a Domestic Supplier

With technological advancements making the world seem like a much smaller place, there are still great reasons to work with a domestically located supplier.

Reduced Shipping Costs

When your shipments do not travel as far, the shipping costs you pay will be greatly reduced. Shipping and delivery times will also be greatly reduced, meaning you get your parts quicker.

Increased Communication and Service

Details can get “lost in translation” with foreign suppliers, leading to production issues and financial loss. With domestic suppliers, your concerns and details can be better addressed.

Face to face meetings and communication is more common with domestic suppliers. This leads to stronger relationships between customer and supplier.

If there is ever an issue on your floor, your supplier can be on-site within a day to help you trouble shoot and problem solve the issue.

Better Quality Control

It is easier to perform on-site quality inspections of your supplier when they are domestically located.

Quality standards tend to be more stringent with American Companies.

If there is an issue with quality, correcting that issue is easier with a domestic supplier.

Better Product Flow

Foreign suppliers tend to send an entire production run in a bulk shipment, eating up your storage space while you consume your inventory. Domestic suppliers can usually offer small shipments at higher frequencies, saving space in your warehouse for other crucial items.