Machining Guide

After some recent additions to our CNC department, we can now offer a wider range of machining services and can fulfill any turning needs you may have.We urge you to use this quick guide to our services so you know which type of machining would be the best fit for your project.

Swiss Machining

Our Tsugami Swiss style machines are the perfect choice for projects that require medium volume production and +/-.0005 tolerances. The cycle time of a Swiss machine is only a little bit slower than a Davenport, allowing us to run parts very quickly with a higher degree of precision.

Davenport Screw Machining

Having one of the fastest cycle times of any machine, Davenports are perfect for high volume production runs. Davenports can hold tolerances of +/-.003. If your project requires a high number of parts without the need for high precision, Davenports would be your best option.

Davenport Multi-Spindle Screw Machine

Fixed Head CNC Machining

Fixed head CNC machines, such as turn/mill machines, are typically used to run low production volumes. The precision of a fixed head CNC machine is a lot greater than our other machines, being capable of producing a +/-.0003 tolerance. However, cycle times for these machines can be slow. If your project calls for a low volume of parts that requires high precision machining, these machines will be your best bet.