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The Advantages of Using a Domestic Supplier

With technological advancements making the world seem like a much smaller place, there are still great reasons to work with a domestically located supplier. Reduced Shipping Costs When your shipments do not travel as far, the shipping costs you pay will be greatly reduced. Shipping and delivery times will also be greatly reduced, meaning you…

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Improving Production Through Software

CAD/CAM Software

    At MSI, we utilize a unique CAD/CAM software known as PartMaker. CAD/CAM stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, respectively. This software is used to design a product and then program, or plan, the manufacturing of that product, especially on a CNC machine. The primary purpose of using a CAD/CAM software…

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Swiss Screw Machining Now Available

Swiss Screw Machine

  The fast set-up and cycle times of a Swiss type machine have made them the standard in many high precision and high production applications. With many tools and options available, the Tsugami Bo206 enables us to make our machining process more streamlined. Swiss Screw Machines can make complex parts using simultaneous turning and milling…

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Manufacturers’ Optimism Reaches New Heights

According to the Manufacturers Outlook survey, manufacturers’ optimism has risen to unprecedented heights, with 94.6% stating they were positive in their own company’s outlook.   Read the results of this annual survey by clicking on this link:   Despite Manufacturers’ High Optimism, Attracting Skilled Labor is a Challenge

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History Of Quality

Home Grown Talent Quality and craftsmanship are two things we really pride ourselves on at MSI. Another thing we pride ourselves on, but don’t talk about much, is the lineage and history of our screw machine department. We were founded as a screw machine job shop first and foremost, with our CNC and plastic injection…

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In Memoriam

In Loving Memory of Paul Grenier We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our co-founder and former president, Paul Grenier. We offer our condolences to the Grenier family during this time of mourning. Paul was an intelligent and caring businessman, beloved by all of us at MSI. His attention to detail and commitment…

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Precision machining

Ever wonder what it looks like when a CNC Machine is making cuts on a piece of metal? Catch a glimpse of what happens under the hood in this awesome video of CNC machines in action! source: thats interesting on youtube

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