Swiss Machining


Our Swiss Machines helps us bridge the gap between our Davenport and CNC machines. They offer the same accurate precision machining of a standard CNC machine and the high speed machining of a Davenport screw machine.

Our Tsugami Swiss Machines are faster than our standard CNC machines because they are capable of performing simultaneous machining on the front and back spindles. This means that secondary operations can be eliminated because they can all be performed within the Swiss machine at one time.

Another benefit of our Swiss Machines are the addition of a chucker kit, which will save money on material costs. The chucker kit enables us to run material that has not been centerless ground. Our machines are also equipped with guide bushings. This enables us to also produce parts that are long and slender.



  • Size Range: Up to 1.26 inches in diameter and 12.6 inches in length.
  • 6 Axis
  • Live tools on front and back spindles
  • Ability to use guide bushing or chucker kit

Good fit for jobs that

  • Have extreme length to diameter ratios.
  • Are high quantity but contain tolerances that cannot be held on a Davenport.
  • Are in quantities too low to be run on a Davenport.
  • Requires the use of high pressure oil to produce deep holes in difficult materials.
  • Are high quantity with many milled features.
Swiss Screw Machine