CNC Turn/Mill

Benefits of CNC turn/milling:

Turn/Mill machines combine two operations into one to produce parts at more economical prices and speeds. What used to require two separate machines can now be accomplished with one. Because these machines require only one set-up, more parts can be produced in a shorter amount of time. This means lower prices for our customers. Turn/Mill machines produce higher quality parts because all of the features are tied together.

We are designed for multi-day production runs, which make us the perfect choice if you require higher quantities of precision parts. We can also accommodate smaller quantity orders.

Our CNC turn/mill capabilities:

  • Size range: .100 X .100 to 14” Dia X 18” length
  • Materials: steel, aluminum, copper, brass, exotics, plastic
  • Deep hole drilling with high pressure coolant
  • Improved quality because all features turned and milled in one set-up

We have produced parts used in train cars, train braking systems, water and piping systems and many other industries and applications.

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