Multi-Spindle Screw Machine Products

Benefits of multi-spindle screw machining:

Multi-spindle screw machines are fast, versatile and economical. Most parts can be produced in 10 seconds or less. With the fast cycle times and high-speed production of our screw machines, we can produce triple the amount of parts at a lower cost than most CNC shops.

We are designed for high speed/high quantity production in our screw machine department, which makes us the perfect choice if you require a large amount of parts. We also offer just-in-time deliveries by storing products in our warehouse until you need them.

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Our screw machine department capabilities:

30 Davenport Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines

26 Standard Bed

Overall length capacity of 3-1/2" Overall length tolerances of +/-.003 Diameter tolerances of +/-.001

4 Long bed

Overall length capacity of 4-1/2" Overall length tolerances of +/-.003 Diameter tolerances of +/-.001

Additional Capabilities and attachments

Cross drilling, Cross milling, Cross tapping, Slotting, Transfer slotting, Keyway slotting

Typical materials machined include brass 360 and 353; 303, 416, 430 stainless; copper; 1100, 2000 and 6000 series aluminum; and a variety of cold rolled steels and alloys.